Free Training by Suzanne Scurlock:

Demonstration of the Device often referred to as a “Therapeutic” Or “Healing” Laser because of the way it Feeds Light Photons to the Mitochondria of the Cells… significantly reducing pain and inflammation, speeding up connective tissue repair and so much more!


  • Checking with a client while using the laser during a session – Occurs throughout the demonstration

  • How Suzanne introduces the laser to her clients (0 min 22 sec)

  • How it works – “donate light photons to the mitochondria of your cells” (2 min 0 sec)

  • Scar tissue on the abdomen (2 min 52 sec)

  • Live demonstration begins (3 min 51 sec)

  • Demonstration – “Unwind” program on adrenals during CranioSacral work (4 min 42 sec)

  • The lasers, the adrenals and the kidneys (6 min 9 sec)

  • Checking in with your client, client responses (7 min 22 sec)

  • Suzanne’s tip for particularly stressful times (10 min 16 sec)

  • How long to use it for, can you overdo it? (11 min 12 sec)

  • When to only use it for a few minutes at a time, areas to avoid (12 min 40 sec)

  • Using the laser on the sternum (14 min 55 sec – discussion continues across the next several minutes)

  • Story: Using on the eyes (14 min 7 sec)

  • Use on sternum/chest (15 min 27 sec)

  • When Suzanne uses different programs (16 min 47 sec)

  • Holding the adrenals: Advanced discussion (18 min 24 sec)

  • The Unwind protocol (19 min 4 sec)

  • More on Suzanne’s personal results (19 min 17 sec)

  • Suzanne’s protocol for clients with MS (20 min 42 sec)

  • Story: Colleague with a valve issue (22 min 8 sec)

  • Amplification of the body’s own healing process (22 min 42 sec)

  • Using cranial rhythm and client feedback to determine best program (23 min 40 sec)

  • Reaching the kidneys and adrenals via the feet PLUS a quick laser tip from Suzanne (24 min 40 sec, ALSO see 31 min 20 sec)

  • Story: Fellow Instructor with cracked ribs. Expedited healing using the laser. Moving lymph to promote healing. (25 min 51 sec)

  • More ways to use it in a client setting. TIP: Use alcohol pads to clean the laser’s face between clients (27 min 41 sec)

  • Cancer and the cold laser: Do not use on known cancers (28 min 22 sec)

  • The thyroid and the cold laser, and using the laser on the belly button (28 min 50 sec)

  • Suzanne’s tips for when clients use one at home. Be sure to encourage them to use it regularly (29 min 39 sec)

  • Traveling with the laser, how to describe it to TSA (29 min 52 sec)

  • More on protocols for the kidneys & using the laser with clients (31 min 20 sec)

  • More Q&A, General discussion on laser use (35 min 49 sec)

  • Gratitude to JV and Sandy S., who appear with their permission

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person. This Laser System is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increasing blood circulation. The System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease. If you have a medical condition, consult with your physician or healthcare practitioner before using the Scalar Wave Laser. Use only as directed. Uses for medical indications contrary to the FDA registration are unauthorized and render the warranty null and void.

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